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                                             Gunner 3

Gunner 3  is a very challenging 2d shooter, set in the forests of South America where rumors have been heard that in area 6B they are experimenting with mutants and weapons, your mission is to stop them and destroy all the soldiers enemies


  1.  Move:  WASD
  2.  Jump:  Space 
  3.  Fire: Ctrl
  4.  Change Weapon: Numbers


This game was developed by KNPMASTER in 2000, this is a remaster for modern systems. Created completely in the Unity Engine and with various improvements such as full screen (16: 9), improved HUD, more detailed clouds, new difficulty levels, hope you like it. You can find the original game on the official website at this link: The Games Page

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Gunner 3 - Windows - Version 1.2.zip 34 MB
Gunner 3 - Android - Version 1.2.zip 35 MB
Gunner 3 - Linux - Version 1.2.zip 36 MB
Gunner 3 - MAC OS X - Version 1.2.app.zip 33 MB

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